Changelog #19

Weave aliases fix, new settings pages, new actions on hosts and services cards​

Weave aliases fix

We made a pull request to Weave with a fix about three years ago. And it finally was merged with the main branch and added to the last Weave release (version 2.7.0).

It means that the main problem with missing aliases after restarts of containers is in the past.

The new version already comes for new hosts (it has back compatibility with the previous version). We suggest updating Weave on your hosts. If you have a lot of hosts and containers, it’s better to make 2-3 minute pauses between updates. Weave is still sensitive to stop/start of hosts as it requires to establish the network after such actions.

New actions on hosts and services cards

There are much more actions on hosts and services cards. It helps to make the most common actions without opening a page. 

Available actions from a host card:

  • Open an edit popup window to resize a host and volumes or add public keys
  • Open a terminal
  • Open metrics in a popup window
  • Stop/Start/Restart
  • Open logs in a popup window
  • Update system utils (Docker, Weave, D2C Health checker, Lsyncd, Telegraf)

Available actions from a service card:

  • Open an edit popup window to make any changes with a service
  • Make an update of:
    •  a version of a Docker image
    •  global dependencies
    •  sources and local dependencies
    •  only sources
  • Open a terminal of a container
  • Open logs of a container in a popup window
  • Stop/Start/Restart
  • Restart
  • Open system logs in a popup window

New settings pages

General settings

In general settings you can:

  • Set the parameters of notifications
  • Set the time of checking for D2C updates
  • Check the status and links of API and WebSocket servers
  • Copy your D2C open SSH key. You can use it for repositories to allow D2C download sources for your services
  • Set and try experimental features

Project with enabled experimental features:


In payments you can check all previous payments and open a receipt.

Updated documentation

Documentation now has a material theme and was updated due to changes in the interface.

Also, there are new pages for each service to help you deploy any of the supported services in D2C.

New stacks

Stack Hub


SuiteCRM is an open-source Customer Relationship Management application.

Stack Hub


Taiga is Agile project management platform.

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here