Changelog #20

Team management, multiple accounts, logs redirection, new plan and new stacks

Team management

We are happy to introduce you a new feature which allows setting permissions almost to any object in your D2C account – projects, hosts, services, keys, providers and account. 

A shortlist of options: 

  • invite your teammates to your D2C accounts/projects
  • set global roles with specific permissions
  • set local rules for a specific role or member
  • set specific rules for projects, hosts and services

Team management will be available on Personal and Business plans. The price for one extra member in the account is $10 monthly or $100 annually.

You can find more information in the documentation. 

Multiple accounts

Multiple accounts can be helpful for users who serve lots of projects, for example, for different clients. You can create any amount of accounts you need from your current one. It also can be useful if you do not want to keep all services and hosts in one Weave network for security and stability reasons.

Any new account has its own Weave network, hosts, services, providers and subscription. Accounts do not link with each other.


The feature is available for any D2C account on any plan.

Changes in plans

Free plan

Free plan can be used only with demo hosts. 

For all current Free accounts, nothing changes. You can stay with it for any time you need.

Business plan

It’s a new plan which has all Personal features plus:

The price is $49 monthly or $490 annually.


Now you can try any plan using the trial from the plans page from any account. The trial is free for 14 days.

Logs redirection

Accounts on Business plan can set up a redirection of containers logs to own storages like ElasticSearch or Influxdb. 

You can find how to add a log provider in the documentation. 

New stacks

We prepared two stacks which may help you with Logs redirection: Elastic stack and Logstash-InfluxDB-Grafana stack. Both already available from the StackHub and Templates.  

New supported versions of services

  • Go 1.15 
  • Memcached 1.6
  • Mongodb 4.4
  • NGINX 1.19
  • NGINXStatic 1.19 
  • Redis 6.0
  • Ruby 2.7
  • PHP-NGINX, PHP-Apache 7.4
  • ElasticSearch 7.7.0
  • Python 3.8
  • PostgreSQL 12.0

Bug fixes and improvements

  • fixed adding a service to first project
  • fixed an error with adding custom host
  • fixed an error with backups by schedule
  • fixed an error with moving containers
  • added output of weave errors by clicking on status
  • added autosaving configs on losing focus
  • added server-side name validation of projects, services and hosts
  • added warning to “Stop host” confirmation
  • added information about errors on Webhooks tab
  • added list of pecl packages to PHP-Apache
  • added “Copy path” button to config editors
  • added autoselecting of projects, hosts, providers and keys created inside other modal windows
  • added “Create project” button to service form
  • added “Create provider” button to selector of log provider
  • added scrolling to Metrics modal window to fix wide mode
  • improved performance during editing configs
  • improved performance of metrics on host and container cards
  • improved form of creating log providers
  • improved notification system to show instant updates
  • fixed deleting containers of deleted services in the interface
  • fixed disabled PHP-FPM services in Nginx and HAProxy
  • fixed redeploy button on the status card on service page
  • fixed offset during selecting text in configs
  • fixed backupTo after changing provider of cron backups
  • fixed fetching task logs after second open of Log modal window
  • fixed unexpected actions on pressing Enter in service forms
  • fixed uploading GCP credentials
  • fixed checkboxes in Webhooks tab

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here