Changelog #21

Support of Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10, new expert docker options, new providers regions

Support of Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10

The default OS for cloud hosts is Ubuntu 20.04.

You can also connect your own hosts with Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10.

Docker 19.03.12

New cloud hosts will be created with the latest stable version of Docker 19.03.12.
You can update Docker on existing hosts using the Update button at a host page.

New expert options for Docker services

New options for advanced users:

Support Docker expert options in stacks

All expert options are available to use in stack files. You can find more information in the documentation.

New regions for AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, Vultr


  • Hong-Kong
  • Bahrein
  • Milan
  • Cape Town
  •  Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • Zurich
  • Jakarta
  • Osaka
  • Seul
  •  San Francisco 3
  •  New York 1
  •  San Jose 1
  • Toronto
  • Seoul

New stacks

Here is an example of a stack with Expert docker settings

Stack Hub


WireGuard is an extremely simple yet fast and modern VPN.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • fix validation of “To” field of service volumes
  • fix generating “From” for manual changed “To” fields of service volumes
  • fix destroy button on host cards
  • add a patchnote link to the main menu
  • fix an issue with creating single backups (using backup button)
  • fix disabled endpoints of services without remote access on nginx page
  • fix a bug with necessary database password (odoo stack)
  • fix a bug with adding oauth providers (Dropbox, Onedrive, Hubic, Digitalocean)

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