Change Log #10

Stacks updates, NGINX with server-push and more

Stacks updates

WordPress stacks updated. There are now:

  • new stacks with PHP-Apache which are easier for scaling and included mod_pagespeed.
  • all of the versions include plugins for Redis which are automatically installed and enabled.
  • Varnish in PHP-FPM stack now has the new config and also goes with installed and enabled Varnish purge plugin 
  • the light version goes with PHP-Apache by default now. It is the most lightweight version
  • Redis version is 4.0 by default
  • Varnish version is 6.0 by default
  • WordPress version is 4.9.4 by default.
WordPress light with PHP-Apache scheme

NGINX update with server-push

You can find more information in the official announcements:

New Node.js version available

It comes with a fix of OpenSSL vulnerability. We recommend that all users upgrade version of Node.js as soon as possible.

More information in the official announcement.

How to update version of Node.js

New supported versions of services

  • Redis 4.0​
  • PostgreSQL 10.3

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed selection in Terminal
  • Fixed issue with HTTPS mode in HAProxy
  • Fixed bug with restoring large backups
  • Added opportunity to use Global dependencies in Docker images which are started by unprivileged users

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