Change Log #18

HTTP/HTTPS switcher for NGINX/HAproxy, tabs in interface, NGINX with brotli, purge cache, TLS 1.3, new stacks and more

New HTTP/HTTPS switcher for NGINX and HAproxy

Configure service block in NGINX and HAproxy was slightly changed. The process of changing mode from HTTP to HTTPS became easier. To change a mode just check another one without generating a new config.

Tabs in interface

We introduce the new tabs on host/service/container pages. They look simpler now and it helps to decrease the frontend and backend load.

Links to container logs now available on container cards and in a special dropdown menu on a service page.

New NGINX image

We changed the image of standard D2C NGINX service. It now supports Brotli, purge cache, TLS 1.3 from the box. You can update your existing services using “Update Nginx” button at the service’s page.

New stacks

Have a look at our new WordPress stacks with built-in NGINX-Cache.

This configuration showed the best results in our tests. 

WordPress comes with prepared Docker image made by our team. Benefits:

  • the deployment process is much faster now
  • the scaling process is easier. There is no need in NGINX-Cluster anymore
  • compatible with Git. You can keep there only themes and plugins without the core of WordPress. Check the Working with Git note at stack’s pages.
Stack Hub

Strapi with MongoDB

Strapi is the most advanced open-source Content Management Framework to build powerful API with no effort.  Strapi with MongoDB stack provides

Weave 2.5.1 support

New Weave version is now supported in D2C. The key difference is the faster starting of containers after restart of a host. We recommend updating Weave version on all of your hosts.

New article in blog

Stacks updates

  • Adminer (PHP-Apache) – Adminer v4.6.3 → v4.7.1
  • Adminer (with NGINX) – PHP 5.6 → 7.3, Adminer v4.6.3 → v4.7.1, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Ghost, Mautic, Magento – MariaDB v10.3 → v10.4, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, phpMyAdmin PHP-Apache → Docker image
  • CachetHQ – CachetHQ v2.3 → Latest, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Helpy – PostgreSQL  v10.4 → v11.1, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • PyroCMS – NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, add adminer
  • Percona, MySQL – NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, phpMyAdmin PHP-Apache → Docker image
  • Odoo – Odoo v11 → v12, PostgreSQL  v10.4 → v11.1, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Opencart – phpMyAdmin PHP-Apache → Docker image
  • Matomo – MariaDB v10.3 → v10.4, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, phpMyAdmin PHP-Apache → Adminer docker image
  • MattermostStrapi with PostgreSQL –  PostgreSQL  v11.0 → v11.1
  • MariaDB – MariaDB v10.3 → v10.4, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, phpMyAdmin PHP-Apache → Docker image
  • MEAN – Node.js v8 → v10, MongoDB v3.6 → v4.0, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • MongoDB with mongo-express – MongoDB v3.6 → v4.0, Node.js v8 → v10, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Nextcloud – NGINX v1.14 → v1.15, new ENV (Trusted domains)
  • Redmine – Redmine v3 → v4, PostgreSQL v10.4 → v11.1, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Rocket.Chat – MongoDB v3.6 → v4.0, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15
  • Sentry – Sentry v8 → v9, PostgreSQL  v10.4 → v11.1, NGINX v1.14 → v1.15

In our next release

  • Team management 
  • Log driver management with an ability to send logs outside D2C
  • ELK stack

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here