Change Log #13

Managing SSH keys, new actions and more

Managing SSH keys

Now you can add your public SSH key to your hosts via the interface.

If you prefer using SFTP, you can choose – give access to selected or to all services on a host.

Management of SSH keys is placed on the settings page and a host page. You can also add already known keys during creating hosts.

New actions with services and hosts

The first action is Destroy and redeploy for services. It was made for cases when you want to start deploying service from scratch.

The second one is made for hosts. Lsync can be updated separately now. You can find it in Update system services list.


  • Cron tasks support ranges and enumeration. Example: */15 10-12 5,20 * *, which means every 15 minutes from 10 till 12 a.m. on 5 and 20 dates monthly 
  • Length of a project name is up to 50 symbols now
  • System partition of DigitalOcean hosts increased to 5GB
  • The script for connecting own hosts is updated. Installing dependencies easier now and you can change the name of a host during connecting
  • Now NGINX and HAProxy migrate to another host with issued Let’s Encrypt certificates 


  • Now you can stop a container which is stuck in restarting state
  • Fixed an issue with installing Lsync on AWS hosts
  • Fixed an issue with updating configs of restarting services 


We’re testing a new WordPress stack with ElasticSearch. If you’d like to give it a try or give any recommendations, feel free to contact us.

New versions

  • HAProxy version is updated to 1.8.12. A previous one has a bug which loads CPU up to 100%. Please, update your version of HAProxy if faced with such issue.
  • Rclone is updated to 1.42

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here