Major 2020 updates

Major D2C update: new interface

New dashboard

We want to write more about today’s big update. 

Besides the previous article here is additional information which shows specific changes through the interface. Let’s go!

First of all, it’s a new dashboard. The most frequently used buttons moved to the left and beceme more visible.

Services and hosts at project cards become clickable, which helps easily move to the service you need from the dashboard.

Also, you can open terminal, metrics and log of a host using buttons on a host’s card. Plus, the status bar shows the amount of online and offline containers on a host.

Moreover, the most important creating buttons moved to the header of the dashboard and now reachable from any page. 

The current version of the panel and quick links to support services and pages are also added to the header.

Connecting own hosts. New method

The connection of your own hosts become more secure. Now the unique link is generated for each new host. The connection through the interface now has two steps.

Confirming and naming a host you want to connect. The host will be renamed after D2C setup is done.

The host page will be created, and you’ll find the host in “Awaiting connection” status.

After opening a host page, you can find and copy the unique link for a connection: 

Host page

The host page now has a new design. All of the information about a host moved to special divided cards. Some of the cards like Status, System, Specs have action buttons:

The edit/resize button opens in a new popup window.

Service page

The service page also comes with a new design which is similar to a host page. The most common and used settings are now available from this page.

In action:

The containers page does not exist anymore. All the necessary actions with containers can be made from a service page.
Migration of containers from host to host now calls “Move”.

New window for all logs

Logs of host/service/container/cron task are now available from the single window. Moreover, it has a new type of load and smooth scrolling.


The project has now action for destroying all the services of a project.

Next updates

The next updates will have:

  – Personal+ plan. For developers or small teams who want to have more than 30 hosts and logs redirection to own storage

  – Team plan. For organisations who need managing roles and want to have more than 100 hosts. 

  – ELK stack for logs redirection

Stay tuned!

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here