Change Log #15

Update of D2C Host Health Checker, new Help Center and stack updates

A new version of D2C Health Checker

New features of the new version: 

  • Checking and updating a specification of own hosts

  • Checking status of Weave and Docker

  • Notificate about important security updates which require restart of a host

Updating a version of Health Checker

You can update only D2C Health Checker using “Update system services” dropdown button.

Weave status

Weave needs to handle the connections of each host in a private network, and it is important to check its status. 

When something goes wrong, you can click on the status icon and check logs of Weave connections. 
Another way is to use the command in a host terminal:

weave status connections

When you Create/Destroy/Restart/Resize a host, Weave on the other hosts of the network will show an error, becase they won’t be able to see the updating host. There is no need to make any actions from your side. Just wait until all hosts become online.

If you use an old version of Weave (version <2.3.0), we strongly recommend to update it using “Update system services” dropdown button.

You can check a version of Weave using the next command in a host terminal:

weave status

Security updates

Sometimes, there is a need to update some packages of your host using restart. Be aware, that containers (including Weave) need some time (around 3-5 min) to start after restarting. 

Schedule your maintanance time if your host requires restart. You can find more information about automatic updates in the Debian wiki

Help Center

We’d like to share information about the new Help Center.

It’s a helpdesk powered by Helpy. You can open private or public tickets here and find answers to your questions. 

Moreover, when you send an email to, a new ticket is created, and our support team can check it and answer you. 

If you have any thoughts about information which we should add to any of topics: troubleshooting, general questions or getting started, feel free to let us know about it. 

You can also create your own Helpy helpdesk using a ready-made D2C stack


New stacks:

Stack updates:


Node.js versions in the “Preinsall commands” block are now 6, 8, 10

New versions

  • Go 1.11
  • PostgreSQL 10.5
  • MongoDB 4.0

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here