Change Log #9

Container logs on free plan, new payment method, referral program and more

Referral program

When you sign up in D2C, you get a referral link. You can check it on the settings page. Send your link to friends. As soon as your friend subscribes to a D2C Pro plan, you get one extra month of Pro plan. There are no invite limits.

Container logs are available on free plan

New payment provider

From now, D2C accepts payments via Paddle service. Available methods are debit/credit cards and PayPal. All previous subscriptions are still available and work as well. 

New Digital Ocean plans

Simply resize your old hosts if you haven't done it yet. Standard and Flexible droplets are now available.

Resize Digital Ocean hosts with changing SSD

From now, you can resize Digital Ocean hosts in two ways. 

  1. Disc, CPU and RAM. Using this way you cannot reverse it to the previous one.
  2. CPU and RAM (the old way). A disk is not changing and you can reverse it. 

Linking Digital Ocean with oAuth

It is now the easiest way to connect a hosting provider.

New supported versions of services

  • Go 1.10
  • Crate 2.3. Version 0.57 is not supported anymore
  • PostgreSQL 10.2

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed login with BitBucket
  • Digital Ocean Spaces available in Singapore-1
  • Now you can define domains and certificates in stacks. Check examples in documentation
  • Small fixes in stacks deployment 
  • Fixed bug with logs in Firefox
  • Added nodejs8 to the preinstall block

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