Updates 2020

Coming update: new interface and future plans


We are happy to tell you about coming updates of D2C.io (DevOps as a service product). Some of you were waiting for this for a long time. Now it’s almost here, and we want to tell what to expect in the nearest future.

New Interface

We rewrote the code from scratch to make it flexible and ready for our further plans, mostly for shared work with projects and data synchronization across devices. A new data infrastructure and updating mechanism allow to up-to-date information about any object without API requests anytime. As a result, the interface became more responsive and faster.

Services changes

The new PHP-NGINX service will replace PHP-FPM and NGINX-Cluster. This change lets you scale PHP service easily without the need to scale any other one. 

HAProxy is in the list of services and can be deployed separately from any other service.

It’s possible that we add Varnish as a separate service to the list of services.

Changes in creating services

Opportunity to set volumes outside container directory + set different UID for different volumes.

New design for application settings and status for uploading archives.

Expert Docker settings with possibility to set network (Weave or Host).

Import stacks from the dashboard

The stacks will be available from the dashboard. Just choose a template, project and host you want to deploy. 

New stacks

Stack Hub


HumHub is a feature rich and highly flexible OpenSource Social Network Kit written in PHP.

Stack Hub

Metabase with PostgreSQL

Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.  Metabase with

Stack Hub

Prestashop Apache

PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and

Stack Hub


Botpress is an on-prem, open-source chatbot building platform for businesses.

Stack Hub


Passbolt is an open-source password manager, OpenPGP based.

Stack Hub


MailDev is an SMTP Server + Web Interface for viewing and testing emails during development.

Stack Hub


MinIO is High Performance Object Storage released under Apache License v2.0.

Stack Hub


Gitea is a community managed lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.

New metrics and logs

The memory metrics will show used, buffered, cached RAM to show the real usage. 
Disk metrics will show the main disk and EBS disk on one graph.

New logs design with smooth scrolling.

Export logs

We are going to give the possibility to change Docker log driver. The feature will be available for users of Team plan.

Next steps

As we change API and update a database, we need to migrate all user data to the new database. 

Next two months we will make several updates and notify you with email about maintenance. 

We cannot do all of that without your help. Share your ideas regarding our updates and let us know if you have some issues with it. 

Stay tuned!

If you want to suggest any features to our roadmap, leave your comments here