D2C for Startups

Reduce the need for DevOps specialists and manage IT infrastructure yourself from the only control panel

"DevOps as a service" product for startups

Automate routine in building the infrastructure for applications and reduce the need for DevOps specialists

Deploy, scale and update your app in minutes

D2C will reduce the time between coding and application deployment. Time-consuming actions that previously had to be executed by experienced Ops, now can be made in 10-15 minutes.

With our product you can deploy any app in a single-click from Github repo to remote server in minutes.

The load has increased? You may scale your app horizontally by adding new instances and load balancer or resize the same host.

Demo hosts — for free. Paid version from 19$/month

Use cloud providers or your own servers. 1 host version is always free.

Enterprise services

For those who need reliable outsourcing support or solutions included in boxed products is not enough

Keeping a team of strong DevOps on a project is expensive and not always reasonable. And we just have such excellent specialists. 

For you, we will organize Continuous Integration of code, set up failover and scalable infrastructure, and will be monitoring it 24/7.

From 40$/hour for one-time services and from 350$/month for regular support.