D2C for resellers and hardware owners

Introduce you a reselling program for a new product "Managed app hosting".

Whitelabel partnership

Suitable for agencies and dealers


We provide a separate panel with a partner’s domain and take a small one-time fee for the connection.


Next, the reseller connects his cloud provider or resources and sets any prices that he considers necessary


We charge a fee for each 1GB of RAM in a volume that depends on the total RAM amount in your account.


Any of our public platforms can be installed on your hardware. If you do not fit the Whitelabel partnership model and you need full independence, we are ready to implement our products on a self-hosted model with possible individual customization, and further support. For now, we provide two platforms: 

DevOps as a service

Automates routines in building the infrastructure for applications and reduce the need for DevOps specialists.

DevOps as a service

Fully managed panel for deploying ready-made stacks with ease of shared hosting. Billing supported.

Let's discuss the conditions in more detail