D2C for Developers

The easiest way to configure, deploy, and scale apps.

Devops as a service product

Automates routine in building the infrastructure for applications


Easy deployment from Git to the cloud or your own servers

With the latest apps management technologies like Docker and Ansible under the hood of Devops as a service product, you can afford yourself a single-click deployment from Github repo to cloud server in minutes


Freedom of action in setting up the environment

Edit configuration of used services, scale, change dependencies. All is easier than ever.


Automatic actions with webhooks for easy setup of continuous integration cycle

Webhooks allows you to quickly set up automatic actions like deploying and build your app after pushing to a specific repo branch etc.


Real-time logging and monitoring for timely error detection and load tracking

Monitor resources usage – for every host and every service. Handle unforeseen situations like unresponsive apps or containers.

Demo hosts — for free. Paid version from 19$/month

Use cloud providers or your own servers

Managed app hosting

for faster deployments


Simplicity, comparable to shared hosting

Just select needed stack and deploy your app in seconds.



Fast dedicated cloud resources for better performance.

Get all the benefits of using dedicated resources with ease of hosting management



Fully managed environments.

Get all the benefits of using dedicated resources
with ease of hosting management


Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

With straightforward and affordable pricing you never have to worry about
your monthly bill. Pay for what you use, and scale up on demand.

from $15 / per instance in month