D2C for Bloggers and Publishers

The easiest way to run a standalone publishing platform.

Devops as a service product

Automates routine in building the infrastructure for applications


Quck start for every platform you need from ready-to-use stacks.

We regularly add new stacks to our hub. Using them, you can deploy any application in minutes.


Using popular cloud providers or your own servers without need of server-side administration.

The solution allows you to use both hosts of supported cloud providers and your own servers if they meet the requirements. In the case with own servers, appropriate software will be installed automatically.


Engage developers if is needed. Add credentials when it necessary.

Webhooks allows you to quickly set up automatic actions like deploying and build your app after pushing to a specific repo branch etc.


Use "Devops as a service" when you need flexibility and scalability or managed app hosting if the simplicity in priority

Monitor resources usage – for every host and every service. Handle unforeseen situations like unresponsive apps or containers.

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