Your WordPress site migration to our platform

What is included

Preparing a project for working with Git

Configuring both local and production versions

Configuring additional plugins to work with D2C

Database migration

Configuring Redis object cache

Migrating all static files to AWS S3 or Selectel

What you get

For your convenience, we will migrate your WordPress site to the platform. For better use of our solution, we will organize the development of your website through Git, and for making your work even more efficient, we will migrate all the statics to separate file storage server: Amazon or Selectel. As a result, you’ll confidently use the project in production, quickly roll back harmful changes, scale the project horizontally, and test different infrastructure configurations without the risk of losing data.

In addition to WordPress itself, sometimes there are difficulties with some plugins which stores data in the uploads folder. We will also set them up to work correctly with the platform.

What we need to start


Leave the request. First, we should discuss the task and ask you 1-2 questions about your difficulties.  


We'll ask you FTP and MySQL access to your project and ask you to create an account on AWS or selectel to create a bucket.  


After 2-3 days we will migrate your website and will make a video + instruction. Now you may start using D2C and change credentials which you gave us.  

It's time to leave a request

How much does it cost?
from $50, depends on the project status, number of plugins and requirements

How long does it take?
3-4 working days

What will be the next after I leave the request?
We will write trite you via email or skype, ask about some details of the project and access to the project.

Will you make any optimizations for my WordPress?
No, WP optimization is another service with a different price. In the case of optimization, we have to dive deeper into the project, and there are more options for solutions. If you need optimization of the project, order the profiling for the first, and we will be able to assess the amount of work more accurately.