What is included

Infrastructure audit

Scalable configuration

24/7 monitoring

Backup organization

Included support up to 5 hosts

Every extra host costs $25-50

What you get

  • Round-the-clock monitoring;
  • Infrastructure audit;
  • Organization and control of backup and reservation;
  • Increase the fault tolerance and performance of the databases;
  • Respond to a problem or your request within 15 minutes;
  • Solving problems until completely eliminated without additional payments;
  • 10 hours per month of basic system administration: software installation, a
  • configuration of new servers, etc;

The plan is suitable for projects that want to avoid performance problems with the growth of attendance and/or transfer of the project to a new hosting. We will also help to stabilize the work of the project as a whole.

What we need to start


Leave the request. First, we should discuss the task and ask you 1-2 questions about your difficulties.  


We'll ask you for source code and database credentials. Then we will tell you the final price​​


In 5-15 working days, we will set up the necessary infrastructure and start support.​

It's time to leave a request

How much does it cost?
from $350/month, depends on the project status, its difficulty and number of servers/hosts.

How long does it take to start?
5-15 working days

What will be the next after I leave the request?
We will write trite you via email or skype, ask about some details of the project and access to the project.