Managed App Hosting

Get all the benefits of using dedicated resources
with ease of hosting management

Fully managed app hosting with dedicated resources

The main problem of hosting — shared resources and already configured an inflexible environment designed for a narrow range of tasks. Our product solves this problem. An extensive catalog of ready-made stacks allows you to deploy the environment under the desired CMS or framework, and the use of independent servers' instances closes the need for strictly dedicated resources

Languages and tools you already know, apps that familiar to you

Quickly build and deploy applications from ready-made stacks using popular languages like PHP, Node.js and other and different databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Mongo.

Zero-config deployments and zero server management, Managed App Hosting allows you to focus on developing and using the platform you already know.

Key features

Lot's of ready-made stacks

Lot’s of ready-made environment stacks with popular CMS and platforms. 

Fully Managed and easy to deploy

Deploying a new app takes about 15-30 seconds. And fully managed concept allow you to focus on use and code, not an environment

Secure apps

Protect your application by defining access rules using the firewall and Let’s encrypt SSL/TLS certificates by default in the user domain at no additional cost


You pay for the resources you use. You may add a smaller instance and resize it when you need. 

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

With straightforward and affordable pricing you never have to worry about
your monthly bill. Pay for what you use, and scale up on demand.

from $15 / per instance in month