Deploying Jenkins from an official Docker Image

Let's take an open-source automation server Jenkins and Deploy it from an official Docker image.

1. Go into your D2C account at, click "Create project" on dashboard

2. Click "Create service"

3. Choose "Docker"

Denis Zaripov

Product manager

4. Specify Docker Image as "jenkins", version "latest".

5. Add Persistent data volume /var/jenkins_home

6. Add 8080 and 50000 ports

7. Add environment variable:

JAVA_OPTS = "-Djava.util.logging.config.file=/var/"

8. Add custom config with the path /var/

9. Fill it in with the following:


10. Choose a host and click "Create service"

That's all! Jenkins service will be deployed on your host.
You will see it on a project page.